Merchandising and Museum Wish List

Holdings by the ROC

The ROC Museum holds what is the national collection of ROC equipment and memorabilia from its early days up to the 1990’s, and still actively adding to it. There are approximately 10,000 items the majority of which are catalogued.
The Collection comprises; Uniforms, Plotting equipment (aircraft & fallout), 1991 Control furniture and fittings, Data processing equipment (paper tape & computer), Posts operational equipment, Posts domestic equipment & furniture & fittings, Manuals, Operational Procedures and Instructions, ROC Archive, Communications equipment (experimental and operational – historic & modern), Images & media, ROC Official Records of Service cards medal slips etc.


DO YOU LIKE DATES? We have 365 in one package – it’s a SESSIONS CARTOON CALENDAR for 2019 – and an ideal Christmas present for someone with a sense of humour. Everyone who served in the Royal Observer Corps will remember the wit of Henry Sessions who so vividly captured the triumphs and tragedies of life in the Corps. He died 50 years ago in 1968, and to commemorate his work the ROC Museum has reproduced in a calendar a selection of his cartoons to remind us of the “good old days”. They are available prices £8.99 each including postage and packing, from:-
Tony Maasz, 230 Twyford Road, Eastleigh, Hants SO50 4LF
OR:- Neville Cullingford, 8 Roselands Close, Fair Oak, Eastleigh, Hants SO50 8GN
Cash with order, cheques made payable to The ROC Museum
This is a collector’s item and a limited edition print which is selling fast. Don’t miss it! Laugh you way through next year with a SESSIONS CALENDAR, and at the end of 2019 you can frame the best cartoon and hang it on your study wall.

Museum Wish List

Among the many individual items of equipment ROCM would wish to add to the collection if the terms of any offer were suitable are the following:

 1950’s fixed focus binoculars in use.  LUWA Ventilation Equipment trialled in
a few Posts.
Marconi RC530HPost Radio trialled but not
 Carrier Control Point equipment used in major
police stations.

Items relating to ‘GRANITE’ Rocket
Items relating to ‘SANDRA’ Searchlight system Items relating to GL (Gun Laying) RADAR system WWII Siren or Warning items
‘MONEY FLARE’ (Paraffin like goose-neck flare? or COLEMAN LAMP (petrol) Items relating to ‘HEARKERS CLUB’ or ROC CLUB (but not ROC Club Journals!). W/Obs BATTLE DRESS TUNIC (Has 5 Buttons and no epaulettes) & Skirt that has 2 front pockets. POST INSTRUMENT (Spiral Drive) type (?)II.B or (?)IIC