Exhibition Programme

The importance to ROCM of exhibitions

The Museum is currently without premises for its permanent display, so it takes every opportunity to hold exhibitions whenever possible. In this way the Museum is able to fulfil part of its commitment to ‘educate the public in the work and traditions of the Corps’. Exhibitions have ranged in size from a single display board or case to a whole room display, in libraries, Heritage Centres, shop windows and museums and galleries.

The Exhibition

The Exhibition can give a broad view of the whole history of the Corps or can be tailored to a selected theme to support any other display being staged by the host museum/gallery/library. This is especially true in the areas of social history, ‘Home Front’ in WWII and of the ‘Cold War’.
The basis of the Exhibition is a set of information panels (84cm x 30cm) illustrating the history of the Corps. These panels can be supported with a display of insignia, uniforms, aircraft-plotting equipment, or scientific, communications and radioactive fall-out monitoring equipment from the Corps’ latter day role in the ‘Cold War’.
The Museum is able to provide items of uniform for children (or adults) to wear in order to experience how it felt to be an Observer, whilst operating equipment and simulating active service conditions and procedures. A large pop-up display stand has recently been added to the Museum’s exhibition equipment and a large library of photographic and document images are available for use on this display.
Whenever possible photographs or artefacts having local links with their host Museum’s catchment area, are included in the Exhibition.
Leaflets describing the work of the ROC Museum Trust are provided for visitors to take away. There is no charge for the ROC exhibition over and above any charge made by the host venue.




25 to 27


Home Front Display at Dover Castle, Dover

Date: Saturday 25 to Mon 27 May 2019 – 10 am – 5pm

Location / Venue:Dover Castle, Castle Hill, Dover CT16 1HU

Display Type: ROC WWII Observation Post Equipment/Memorabilia

Confirmation Number:0370 333.1183 (English Heritage Contact)

Extra Information: ROC Museum Display – one of many forming part of Display Programme



1 & 2


Lepe into History Festival, Lepe, Hants

Date: Saturday 1 June to Sunday 2 June 2019

Location / Venue: Lepe Country Park, Hants

Display Type: Display of ROC functions/memorabilia.

Confirmation Number: 02380 899108

Extra Information: ROC Veterans will man the Cold War Monitoring Post at Lepe




WWII Vintage Village, RAF Cosford, Shifnal

Date: Sunday 9 June 2019 1000hrs – 1700hrs(last entry 1600 hrs)

Location / Venue:RAF Museum, RAF Cosford, Lysander Way, Cosford, TF11 8UP

Display Type: Display of ROC Functions & Memorabilia commencing 1000hrs

Confirmation Number:01902 377922

Extra Information: WWII ROC Display of aircraft reporting equipment/documentation




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