Introduction to the ROC

The Royal Observer Corps formed in the south of England in 1925. Its task was to track and report all aircraft flying over the UK and coastal shipments so that Home Defences could be warned of any potential attack. The ROC was initially manned by volunteers who came from the immediate neighbourhood. They were later recruited by the police as Special Constables prior to WWII.

Charitable Objectives

To provide , maintain and promote a public museum containing a collection of artifacts, a library of books, videos and audio tapes which illustrate the work of the Royal Observer Corps and associated subjects such as aircraft recognition, The Royal Air Force, Home and Civil Defence, and memorabilia illustrating and celebrating the history of the Royal Observer Corps, its achievements, equipment and personnel since 1925, and in so doing to educate the public in its history, duties and esprit de corps.

To provide facilities for the education of students and other interested persons by the use of the trust for the purposes of research and local history.

Invitation to Donate

If you are interested in supporting the Royal Observer Corps Museum’s mission, then donations are welcome and appreciated. Your generosity is appreciated and will go towards our efforts in putting forward the Royal Observer Corps Museum’s message.

Google Map of Location of the Solent Sky Museum

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